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Smart technology to combat pilferers

Wine is sought after. Unfortunately, sometimes a little too much, because not only honest lovers are happy about a fine drop, but also crafty crooks and dubious traders. VERIWINE cannot prevent theft, but it can ensure that stolen wines no longer return to the regular market.

Whether in Switzerland, Spain or the USA: Wine thefts is common practice, unfortunately. Thieves act in a targeted and sometimes very ruthless manner. Top restaurants that allow every guest to look into their vault with their wine list are popular targets.

So it is worth investing in security measures. But since most perpetrators are unlikely to drink the stolen goods themselves, the question is how the market can protect itself beyond that. And this is where VERIWINE comes in.

Clean traceability helps everyone

With our solution, retailers and resellers like restaurateurs can easily record their entire wine inventory. This helps in everyday life, but also in unpleasant situations.

If there has been a break-in, you can immediately mark the missing bottles in the cellar as stolen. If a trader is later offered your stolen goods, he will quickly find out that they come from dubious sources.

VERIWINE thus makes it more difficult for thieves to put the expensive bottles back on the market. With sufficient criminal energy and a large network, it is of course still possible to find buyers, but the risk of being caught also increases significantly.

VERIWINE offers numerous other advantages

Our solution is based on each bottle being given a code. This allows the entire supply chain to be traceable from the winery to the glass.

Winemakers have the advantage of being in control all the way to the end consumer and can contact them directly. This allows you to identify black and grey markets and take completely new marketing measures.

Traders receive quality guarantees about the origin and correct storage. But you can also recognise market trends at an early stage and address your existing customers in a more targeted way.

Last but not least, the honest wine connoisseur also has advantages. They can easily check the origin of a fine wine and receive important information such as the ideal drinking age.

Apart from thieves, the whole market benefits from our solution

True to our claim «Beyond Origins», our goal is to bring authenticity and visibility to what has been a very fragmented market. Our solution, thanks to individual codes on bottles, offers further potential for the future and ultimately creates something priceless: trust.

If we succeed in raising awareness to some thieves to change their careers during the process, that would also make us very happy. If you are a trader or restaurateur and have questions about how we can help you with security, don't hesitate: we will exchange ideas with you at any time, and why not over a good glass. This is where you lay the foundation for your future.

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